Alewood is a wild west tabletop party game designed and published by independent publisher Alewood Games located in humble Chicago, Illinois. Funded on Kickstarter - manufactured in China by Whatz Games.


ALEWOOD is a 30-minute tabletop party card game - where your pint is your pistol!


You and your vigilante friends will battle lawbreakers - and each other - for a high stakes claim to fame. Drink to customize your shooting skills and play cards to defend your reputation as you shoot your way to victory. Blast through the evening as you sling pints and perform hilarious character prompts turning your game night into an event to remember!


ALEWOOD is an inclusive consumption game where drinking is never forced, never used as a punishment and alchol is completely optional! Play with your favorite beverage from high proof craft beer to apple juice. As the amount of liquid in your glass changes, so does your gameplay!

Video tutorial of the game