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Frequently Asked Questions

Can people under 21 play this game?

Since the game embraces beer drinking culture, it may not be the most appropriate game for younger audiences. However, players (including reviewers) have played with their kids using juice or water and since the game is focused around roleplaying it still ends up being a fun experience. But like it says on our disclaimer, we do not endorse any form of binge or excess consumption of any kind. Alewood is designed to delightfully combine your social activity with your gaming activity!


I don’t want to drink anything.

Not a problem! Just use the top tier number on your character card as your base and use Skills to manipulate your speed. You can also gain upgrades by spending your collected bounties. Anything accessible by drinking can also be accessed by card play and game manipulation.


Is the game really only 30 minutes?

Yes, on average our sessions last between 30-45 minutes but like most games it all depends on your group. If you’re group is determined to collect that cash and kill that leader - games can be as short as 15-20 minutes. But if you get carried away with roleplaying and messing with each other for fun - especially enthused games have lasted an hour... or more. 


How much beer does an average player go through in a single game?

The average player will usually empty 1 pint and sit on a mostly full second pint until the game ends.


What if I have too many Hinders to keep track of?

Since discarding occurs when failing to perform a hinder a player can simply announce they are not doing any of these and essentially “blow up” their board - discarding all skills, hinders and hand cards. You’ll end up with nothing, but at least you have a fresh start!


What if I don’t feel comfortable doing a particular prompt?

We’ve designed inclusion rules in the book that makes sure everyone feels welcome-

“This game can be physically demanding. If there is a Hinder that a player cannot complete or is uncomfortable performing, that player may discard a card from their hand to remove that Hinder from the game entirely. Owners of the game can also curate the Player deck if they know who will be playing to make sure their friends’ gaming experience is fun and inclusive!”


Any swears, off color or inappropriate card names?

None. We try to make our games as inclusive as possible. The prompts aim to encourage players to make fun of themselves, rather than prey on others.


Should I start first time players with the expansion packs?

We don’t recommend it. The expansion was designed specifically for veteran players who want more rules and chaos. That chaos can be frustrating to a new player, especially after a few pints in.


Any tips for winning?

If you’re really itchin’ to win. Here's out wises advice: Drinking the most or being the fastest gun absolutely will NOT guarantee a win. It’s all about landing (or stumbling upon) the best spot in the shooting turn-order while having the most ammo.


What beer do you recommend with Alewood?

We’re big fans of anything locally brewed. Since the game plays with pint glasses, we recommend sharing growlers for delicious ease.

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